Human beings constantly construct and process meanings and concepts in their daily linguistic and sensori-motor interaction with the world. What one knows about “piano”, for example, may consist of what one has read about the object in text, visual experience with the shape and structure of an actual piano, hearing the sound it makes, as well as physical interaction when moving or playing the instrument. Thus, effectively retrieving and weighting relevant information associated with a concept for a given situation is the key to efficaciously interpret what is happening around us, and in many ways affect how we respond to it.

The overarching research interest of this lab is in the cognitive mechanisms associated with such meaning processing in the brain. Our previous work focused on how linguistic, perceptual, and motor information contribute to meaning processing. In addition, we examined how these processes change across the life span in the face of accumulated experience and neurobiological constraints associated with aging.



Thesis title: The Influence of Verb Bias on On-line Mandarin Relative Clause Processing: an ERP study

Advisers: Chia-Ying Lee, Ph.D.; Chia-Lin Lee, Ph.D.

A new paper on the collaborative work with other language researchers at NTU, first and second authored by Po-Heng and Yeh Chih, is accpeted by Journal of Chinese Language Teaching, a THCI Core journal. Congratulations!

Chen, P-H., Yeh, C., Lu, C., Hsieh, S.-K., Chou, T.-L., Su, L. I.-W., Lee, C. L. (accepted). Multiple scaffolding mechanisms for L2 syntactic processing--An Event-Related Potential study. Journal of Chinese Language Teaching.

Po-Heng and Charlene were invited to University of Tokyo, Komaba, to attend the Linguistics Festa workshop. Po-Heng presented his new research idea and led an ERP tutorial at this workshop!

Congratulations to Rachel Yi-Lun Weng! Rachel has taken an offer for the admission to the Ph.D program for Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the University of Delaware with full scholarship!

An article about our recent findings will be published in the Science Development journal (2017, April, Vol. 544)(http://ap0922.most.gov.tw/sd/). The electronic article will be available here. https://scitechvista.nat.gov.tw/list/sQ8/reset.htm

Lee, C. L., Huang, H. W., Federmeier, K. D., and Buxbaum, L. J. (2018). Sensory and semantic activations evoked by action attributes of manipulable objects: Evidence from ERPs. NeuroImage. 167, 331-341.